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connecting lifestyle with livelihood

re:intention’s guided classes and workshops use mindfulness as a vehicle to lower stress and, with regular practice, increase clarity, focus and productivity.  

re:intention offers a wide variety of programs that can be tailored for individuals, teams or larger groups.

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re:intention for life


Using a foundation of mindfulness and loving-kindness practices, re:intention’s classes help practitioners to concentrate on the breath, sort through the mind’s inner noise and get grounded in the here and now. 

re:intention’s certified meditation teachers provide purposeful and thoughtful instruction for anyone looking to start, reestablish or deepen their meditation practice.


Take a moment to breathe, move away from old habits and embrace new perspectives.
(30 minutes)


Concentrate on the breath, sort through the inner noise of your mind and ground yourself in the here and now.
(30 minutes)


Cultivate space for acceptance and peace while deepening compassion for oneself and others.
(30-45 minutes)


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"



re:intention for work


re:intention provides on-site, meditation-based programs and instruction, customized to company culture, values and goals. re:itention classes and workshops can be tailored for individuals, small groups/teams or the entire staff.

With decades of experience working in the media and publishing industries, re:intention’s certified meditation teachers are uniquely positioned to understand the challenges of today’s workplaces – from start-ups to corporations. 


Contemplate the power of mutual understanding, respect and empathy to cultivate a greater sense of team unity.
(30-60 minutes)


Foster compassionate leadership skills and contribute to a safe, open and supportive work environment
(30-60 minutes)


Focus on the present moment to see the potential of reaching personal and career goals.
(30 minutes)


the team

thom allcock, founder + teacher

Thom is a meditation teacher and corporate trainer who is committed to showing practitioners how to integrate awareness and meditation practices into their personal and professional lives.

While working as a marketing executive, he began meditating over seven years ago as a way to manage stress and achieve work/life balance.  As his own practice deepened, so did his desire to help others to sit calmly, breathe freely and live kindly.

Thom received certification from MNDFL’s 300-hour teacher training program, specializing in mindfulness and loving-kindness practices. He has also completed coursework with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield and at the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York.


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